• I've noticed that we currently have a few characters' articles that are literally useless to this wikia due to their small appearance in the show. I've created a new template called Candidates for deletion that I'll put in each of these pages as an alert for you and Frohas -the other active user-. The idea of this alert is to "flag" these pages and re-use them with another name, so it's important that you don't delete them, just change their names to the new page you want to create. 

    I did this with "Morales" who was an FBI agent who guest starred in just one episode for a few seconds and died -lol- and changed his page's name to "List of songs". It doesn't mean that it's not an important character, but he'll be listed on the S01 Guest Starring list I'll work on in the next few weeks as soon as I'm done with Season 2's.

    The goal of this is to mantain the number of pages we already have on the wikia.

    PS: You can see all the flagged articles on Category:Candidate for deletion. You're allowed to change the page's name and build a complete different article with a whole new subject.

    Btw, I can't quite remember all the pages that need to be re used too well so it might take a while for me to fill the Category page, however, you can flag a page you think it's useless and I'll check it and determine if it'll need a rename. 

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