Split The Law is the fifth episode of the first season and the 5th overall episode of Blindspot.

Short Summary

The FBI and CIA butt heads after a seemingly straightforward hostage situation turns out to have deeper international implications.

Full Summary

Jane struggles through dinner with Weller's sister, Sarah, feeling pressure to become Taylor Shaw, the girl she can't remember. The stress brings on a childhood flashback: an unseen man leads Jane to a basement filled with many neglected young children and filthy mattresses. Weller struggles to cope as well, and things only get worse when his estranged father, Bill, shows up at his apartment at the end of the episode.

After one of Jane's tattoos leads the FBI to a secret CIA black site, the team learns that a dirty bomb maker named Dodi Khalil is on the loose. Going against the wishes of CIA Deputy Director Carter, the team gains intel that Dodi's terrorist organization is planning to release a deadly isotope in New York City.

Tracking the isotope's radiation, the FBI and CIA find the terrorist group hiding in a graveyard in Queens. After an intense showdown, the threat is neutralized, and the FBI takes Dodi into custody. That's when Carter intervenes; the CIA will be taking Dodi, unless, of course, Mayfair wants to give up Jane. Mayfair sternly refuses, and when Carter presses, she puts her hand on her gun, leading to a tense armed standoff, CIA vs. FBI. Carter stands down, but not for long. That night, he offers to pay off Zapata's gambling debts in exchange for everything she knows about Jane.



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Featured Music

  • Deadbeat Hits by Futurebirds - (Jane arrives at Weller's apartment to have dinner with him and his family)



  • The episode's title is an anagram of "Will the Past".