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Season 1

Season 1

The first season of "Blindspot" premiered on September 21, 2015 on NBC and concluded on May 23, 2016. The season consisted of 23 episodes.



A beautiful woman is left in Times Square inside of a duffel bag with no memory and her body completely covered in tattoos. It's up to Kurt Weller and his FBI Team to investigate the circumstances around Jane Doe and solve the puzzles hidden in her intricate tattoos.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Actor Role Number of Episodes
François Arnaud Oscar 16
Jordana Spiro Sarah Weller 10
Jay O. Sanders Bill Weller 9
Michael Gaston Thomas Carter 6
Joe Dinicol David Wagner 6
Sarita Choudhury Sofia Varma 5
Logan Smith Sawyer 5
Ennis Esmer Rich Dotcom 2
Josh Dean Boston Arliss Crab 2
John Hodgman Jonas Fischer 2
Johnny Whitworth Marcos 2
Tom Lipinski Cade 2
Aimee Carrero Ana Montes 2
Dylan Baker Pellington 1

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Episode List

Number Image Title Air Date
101 cover.jpg
"Woe Has Joined" September 21, 2015
An amnesiac woman, whose body is completely covered in tattoos, is left in Times Square with a clear instruction: Call the FBI. It's up to Kurt Weller and his team to understand the mysterious circumstances that surround Jane Doe's case as her tattoos present a challenge that puts a lot in danger.
102 cover.png
"A Stray Howl" September 28, 2015
A tattoo leads the team to a retired Air Force pilot who endangers the lives of people who once let him down. As Jane keeps looking for answers about her identity, she's assaulted by memories from her old live that makes her question her past. Weller believes to know who Jane really is.
103 cover.png
"Eight Slim Grins" October 5, 2015
When a member of a heist crew shares the exact same tattoo as Jane, all evidence points to their unknown past ties. The man from Jane's first memory sends a warning with a rather confusing message. Weller and Mayfair struggle with Jane's role in the team.
104 cover.png
"Bone May Rot" October 12, 2015
Patterson and his puzzle-expert boyfriend, David, manage to decode a tattoo that sends the team to the CDC. In the facility an invisible tattoo makes its appearance pointing to a dangerous plot that could have catastrophic consequences worldwide.
105 cover.png
"Split the Law" October 19, 2015
A hostage situation turns the CIA and FBI against each other and find themselves competing in an attempt to apprehend one of the FBI's most wanted. Carter expresses concern about Jane's trustworthiness, causing friction with Mayfair and testing Reade's loyalty to the team.
106 cover.png
"Cede Your Soul" October 26, 2015
Jane has a dream in which she's in company of a mysterious lover that might or might not be Weller. The FBI follows the lead of a hacker whose app can track Government vehicles.
107 cover.png
"Sent on Tour" November 2, 2015
A tattoo leads the team to Saúl Guerrero, a fugitive whose arrest forces Mayfair to reveal her best kept secret to Weller.
108 cover.png
"Persecute Envoys" November 9, 2015
After Mayfair's revelation to Weller, their relationship is jeopardized by the illegalities committed in the past that directly linked Mayfair with one of Jane's tattoos. The team struggles with the death of several police officers as they try to avoid more casualties.
109 cover.png
"Authentic Flirt" November 16, 2015
After the death of a tourist abroad, Jane and Weller go undercover as a married couple of assassins in order to retrieve a stolen WITSEC list.
110 cover.png
"Evil Handmade Instrument" November 23, 2015
David and Patterson decode a tattoo that leads the team to dismantle a sleeping Russian cell operating within the United States. Carter manages to get to Jane who is able to retrieve a brief but crucial memory from her past.
111 cover.png
"Cease Forcing Enemy" February 29, 2016
One of the tattoos lead the team to an island where they face a dangerous situation involving the missing passengers of a hijacked; Patterson's intellect is put to test when it's up to her to save Jane and Weller's lives. Oscar tries to earn Jane's trust.
112 cover.png
"Scientists Hollow Fortune" March 7, 2016
An attack in a military base directly related to one of Jane's tattoos lead the team to a secret program especially designed to create perfect soldiers. Oscar gives Jane her first mission inside of the FBI.
113 cover.png
"Erase Weary Youth" March 14, 2016
Jonas Fischer is back with one goal set in mind: apprehend a Russian mole within the FBI at all costs. His suspicions point toward Jane and her involvement with Thomas Carter's disappearance and presumed murder.
114 cover.png
"Rules in Defiance" March 21, 2016
The team attempts on saving an innocent inmate's life while Zapata goes undercover to put an end to a women trafficking operation.
115 cover.png
"Older Cutthroat Canyon" March 28, 2016
A contemporary art gallery is assaulted when a painting with the burning rose, one of Jane's most prominent tattoos, is stolen. Weller is injured and it's up to the team investigate the circumstances surrounding the case. Jane is shot by a sniper to whom she recognizes.
116 cover.png
"Any Wounded Thief" April 4, 2016
The team follows the lead of a General who illegally sells Sarin Gas to South Korea. Oscar and Jane get closer while Patterson honors David on their anniversary.
117 cover.png
"Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts" April 11, 2016
Patterson is kidnapped by a serial killer after following some leads in a scavenger hunt left to her by David.
118 cover.png
"One Begets Technique" April 18, 2016
Rich Dotcom gets the FBI's attention when he offers intel on one of the FBI's most wanted whereabouts. Despite all suspicions, the team agrees to cooperate in a risky robbery. Mayfair receives an unexpected visit from someone from her past.
119 cover.png
"In the Comet of Us" April 25, 2016
Following the lead of a scholarship feud involving ex-football players, the team arrives to Hudson College in the middle of a shooting.
120 cover.png
"Swift Hardhearted Stone" May 2, 2016
An autistic girl arrives to the FBI after Dr. Borden was able to recognize one of her sketches from one of Jane's tattoos. The detailed drawings on the girl's notebook will lead the team to a diplomat with terrorist connections.
121 cover.png
"Of Whose Uneasy Route" May 9, 2016
The FBI servers are hacked and the attack put the lives of Sarah and Reade in danger. The team gets the unexpected visit of Weitz who conducts an investigation on Mayfair.
122 cover.png
"If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render" May 16, 2016
A baby left alone inside of a bag with no identity allows the team to discover a secret organization dedicated to the growth of genetically modified babies. Mayfair breaks house arrest only to discover a truth she won't like. Weller's father reveals his best kept secret.
123 cover.png
"Why Await Life's End" May 23, 2016
Weller seeks evidence of his father's last words in order to know the truth. Jane retrieves memories about her past with Oscar while the team attempts on cracking one of Mayfair's last clues. The truth surrounding Jane's case is revealed.

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Hidden Message: Who is Jane Doe? Taylor Shaw, the missing girl. Or maybe not. The past will cloud our eyes. Trust no one, suspect everyone, lift the curtain and unveil the mastermind.

In case of emergency, follow these instructions:

  1. Stay where you are.
  2. Find a secure line to contact your handler.
  3. Find what you need in almost the last place you look.

To begin the sequence, focus on the time, then wait for the address to your new safehouse. The final order will be revealed when it's filed away.