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All it took was a terminal illness and the return of a murdered girl to bring the Weller family back together again.

Sarah Weller is Kurt Weller's younger sister, Bill Weller's daughter and Sawyer's mother.


It is implied that Sarah and Kurt were really close and happy as kids with a really strong sibling bond; however, she was more the type of girl who liked to play inside instead of following her brother on his own adventures like Taylor Shaw did.

After Taylor's disappearance and her father becoming the prime suspect of the girl's death, Sarah got separated from Kurt after he decided to attend military school.

She got romantically involved with Edgar Reade and kept their relationship in secret until a member of Sandstorm threatened to kill Sarah and Sawyer if Edgar didn't stop investigating Thomas Carter's disappearance. She later moved to Portland so Sawyer could have a relationship with his father.


Edgar Reade

Sarah and Edgar kept their relationship in secret, scared of Kurt Weller's reaction. They had to end their relationship after Reade was threatened by a member of Sandstorm who said he would kill Sarah and Sawyer if he didn't stop investigating Thomas Carter's disappearance.



  • Before Sarah left the FBI building -after she gave a bag with clean clothes to Weller-, she encountered Reade who was passing by. During their quick chat, she mentions that she's a physical therapist and gives him her business card. This scene was deleted from episode 6 Cede Your Soul.