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Rich Dotcom, born Gord Meredith Enver, started his criminal career as a tech mercenary, until he realized that Bitcoin would be a big deal in the future and took this chance to become a billionaire.

He later changed his name to Rich Dotcom.

He now works as a consultant for the FBI in order to revoke his conviction.

It's Friday somewhere

Season 1

He's first seen in Authentic Flirt as the prime suspect of possessing a leaked WITSEC list which must be retrieved by Jane and Kurt during Rich's party.

In One Begets Technique, unable to stand life in Ryker's, Rich approaches the FBI, promising to help them bring in a notorious criminal banker for many terrorist organizations. However, it was in fact a ruse to steal 12 priceless black market paintings from the professor who stole them and had his boyfriend Boston Arliss Crab duplicate them so he could escape custody.

Season 2

In Resolves Eleven Myths, Rich hacks the New York Office's computer, demanding that Kurt, now Assistant Director, launch a drone strike at a provided set of coordinates in exchange for him not wiping out the FBI's database. Kurt figured out that Rich had broke into his apartment, which had a secure line to the NYO, due to his comment about his own beer. Rich seemed awfully relaxed about his arrest and revealed that he really wanted the FBI's protection from an assassin called the Acadian, claiming that the assassin was sent by Kim Jong-Un, and had murdered Boston.

When the Acadian captured and poisoned Zapata and demanded that Rich be left alone for him to kill, Kurt came up with a plan for Reade and Nas to find her while Rich created a camera loop to make it seem to the Acadian that he was alone so Kurt and Jane could ambush him.

After the Acadian was killed and Zapata was cured, it was revealed while being transported to prison, Boston is revealed to be alive and driving the truck and Rich's two guards provide him the key to his cuffs. However, they are pulled over the FBI, as Patterson had figured out that Rich lied about Boston's death because he described his fake death to resemble Dobby's death in Harry Potter. Rich and his cohorts then taken into custody.

He later returned in Borrow Or Rob.

Season 3

The Three Blind Mice

It is revealed that Rich Dotcom, Patterson and Kathy Gustafson were part of a hacker collective called The Three Blind Mice. During that time they performed several illegal hacks.

Physical Appearance

Rich's style s3

Rich's style.

Rich is average in height, has brown eyes, curly hair a stylized bear and olive skin. During his time as tech mercenary, his attire consisted on rather formal looks. After his incorporation to the team as a FBI Consultant, he starts wearing more casual outfits: light bomber jackets, tight pants and loafers, showing his carefree, yet polished styled demeanor.


  • He has Zapata's number under the name of "What's Her Name".
  • He speaks Japanese.