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Good and right were never the objectives. Only money and power. Until someone decided we were a liability and I watched my entire team get murdered by American drones...My country has lost its mind and something has to change.

Orion was a code name for a CIA-sanctioned group for illegal operations.

It was created by the CIA so they could accomplish off-the-books operations; unlike SEAL's militia, Orion specialized with illegal and unsanctioned operations and missions that were too grisly to go through legitimate channels, such as assassinations and regime change, among others. 

Douglas Winter found out about this illegal NSA program. Orion was shut down by Deputy Director of the CIA, Tom Carter, in order to erase any trace of it and its previous operations.

It is implied that Carter sent an attack to Orion's squad that killed everyone in Afghanistan, except for Jane.

The only remain of Orion was a small memorial where Jane was taken by Shepherd and Roman in an attempt to turn her to Sandstorm.