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Markos was a member of Sandstorm and trained Remi.

He's frequently seen on Jane's first memories from her old life before ZIP.

Death Timeline

  1. Markos was Chao's handler, who was supposed to die after the FBI got to him through Jane and the Chinese tattoo behind her left ear, but he didn't, so Markos killed him in the hospital.
  2. He failed Shepherd's command of remaining invisible after being spotted by the hospital's security cameras.
  3. Shepherd ordered Oscar to take care of Markos after he put at risk their entire operation and the organization's identity.
  4. Markos knew about Shepherd's order and tried to warn Jane by getting into her safe house.
  5. Oscar, who waited for Markos, in the building across the street of Jane's home, killed him after he was entered.
  6. Cade was close to Markos and after finding out Oscar killed him, he started a vendetta against Jane in order to make Oscar pay for what he did and suffer over Jane's death.
  7. After Jane killed Oscar, she wrote Markos' name on Oscar's truck to let Cade know that she was on his side.

Major events

  • In "Eight Slim Grins" he tried to move Jane out of her safe house saying "You can't trust them" referring to her old team. But before he could provide any useful information to Jane he got shot by Oscar.
  • He and Cade were close friends.
  • He was part of Jane's shooting training.
  • He tried to get close and warn Jane about her old team.