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New York

New York City is the most populous city in the United States. Located at the southern tip of the state of New York, the city is the center of the New York metropolitan area, it is also where most of the events of Blindspot take place.

Times Square

Times square

Times Square was the key location in episode Woe Has Joined and the place where Jane Doe was abandoned and found inside of a duffel bag. Upon the appearance of the bag with a single label: Call the FBI; an agent from the NY Bomb Squad approached the object only to find a tattooed woman with no memory of her past.

Major event: Jane Doe is left inside of a duffel bag to be found and taken to the FBI as part of a plan from the terrorist organization Sandstorm.

Weller's Apartment

See also Weller's Apartment

Located in New York, the apartment was the main residence for the Weller family in season 1. It is currently inhabited by Kurt Weller himself alone after Sarah moved out and Bill Weller passed away.

China Town

China Town was the first location in which the team had their very first investigation after one of Jane’s tattoos led the team to Chao’s apartment. It was also in Chao’s complex where Jane faced her first fight, proving her high combat skills.

In episode Swift Hardhearted Stone, Nermin Ahmadi rented a small apartment upon her arrival to the country, however her daughter, Maya Ahmadi, managed to escape through one of the windows while Nermin was being tortured. 

FBI Building

See also FBI

Is within the FBI building where most of the tattoo solving process takes place as well as several investigations and discussions regarding the events happening both in the country and the characters’ lives.

The team’s floor has also witnessed several key events that, in all cases, put in danger people’s lives as well as confidential information. 

Major events: The FBI security system initiates a drill after a couple of hakers managed their way into the Main Server Room. While in lockdown, Zapata and Mayfair share some ugly truths. 

Sandstorm's Compound




The Weller's Residence

South Africa

Kruger's Residence


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