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The Critical Incident Response Group is an FBI unit led and directed by Kurt Weller. It was previously directed by Bethany Mayfair.

Kurt Weller, Tasha Zapata, Edgar Reade and Patterson investigate and solve critical events that are important matter to the FBI inside of the city of NY and its surroundings.


Season 1

During the course of an investigation in Rural Kentucky, Kurt Weller was called back to New York in order to identify an amnesiac woman who came out of a bag in Times Square with his name tattooed on her back. Ever since Jane became the biggest case on the FBI, the team had to find a way to solve each of her tattoos in an attempt to understand who Jane Doe really was and the circumstances surrounding her case. 

Throughout the season the team and Jane manage to discover aspects of her past life and her tights to a supposed group which wanted the FBI to solve the critical incidents highlighted in Jane's tattoos. Each of them represented a corruption case within the United States that had to be stopped before it threatened the safety of the country and its citizens. 

Bethany Mayfair was the former Deputy Director of the FBI New York Field Office, which held the Critical Incident Response Group, up until her murder when the operative Oscar shot her in order to keep Jane Doe's cover safe.

The Jane Doe case was shut down by FBI Director Sam Pellington after the disappearance of Mayfair alluding the many casualties and resources invested in an investigation such as Jane's. Despite Pellington's orders, Weller kept working on the tattoos until he found out that Jane was behind the events surrounding her own case and that she had lied about her identity as Taylor Shaw.

Since then, Pellington named Kurt Weller the new Deputy Director of the FBI NYO.

Season 2

After the arrest of Jane Doe, the CIRG continued to work on their usual cases for three months until Nas Kamal, NSA, asked for the team's help to recapture Jane who escaped CIA's custody just two weeks before. The NSA made a deal with the FBI and Jane was reintegrated to the team as a double agent working both for the FBI and Sandstorm in order to get to know the organization's main goal. 

Once Sandstorm figured out that Jane's loyalty was with the FBI instead, they started working on Phase Two but the team managed to neutralize their attack and stopped Shepherd from destroying the current administration on the U.S.



Bethany Mayfair - Previous Assistant Director


Jane Doe - Assistant Consultant

Robert Borden - Psychologist

Nas Kamal - NSA