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Kiva Garen is a hacker and co-founder of Leakhub, a website disseminating stolen classified documents. Known to the world at large as the "Garen brothers", reclusive anarchists who believe in radical transparency, Kiva and her sister cultivated that image partly to evade most wanted lists.

Having grown weary of being a target by numerous organizations, Kiva and her sister created an scavenger hunt in an effort to find a worthy successor to Leakhub and its secrets. Kiva even fabricated a tale that claimed Linnea died in a boat crash running from someone who wanted the Leakhub files. During the scavenger hunt itself, Linnea posed as an MI6 infiltrator promptly "shot" by Kiva for theatrics and unnerving the other participants.

The eventual winners of Leakhub's files were Kurt Weller and Jane Doe. Kiva determined them to be worthy even though another team got to her first, as her final test also looked for candidates with a moral code. As parting words to the pair she claimed a wise woman once said, "Your fates will be forever intertwined," only to out herself as that wise woman.

Years later, Kiva appeared as one of Jane's ZIP-induced hallucinations in Times Square. She was having her picture taken with Parker Lewis and Conor before they all noticed Jane and turned to the direction of Ivy Sands' final ZIP bomb.