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Joeys pizza 123

Jane calling the number to track the location of Hobbes.

Joey’s Pizza is a code name the members of Sandstorm gave to some especial numbers to which they call anytime they realize that their missions are somehow compromised.

Hobbes was the man in charge of answering the calls during season 1 until Roman aided Jane on In Night So Ransomed Rogue when she demanded to meet with someone from the organization. 

Joeys pizza 123-2

Cellphones used for the members of Sandstorm.

The only way to get in contact with Joey’s Pizza is dialing some secrets numbers only the members of Sandstorm know and using the code phrase: I need to cancel my order, supposedly used to get aided by someone and abort any current mission. 

After the call is made, the caller sometimes gets an address to go to in case of needing assistance from another member. 

It is believed that each member of Sandstorm has a number to which call to in case of an emergency. 

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