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Jeller is the former romantic on-off relationship and current marriage between Jane Doe and Kurt Weller.

You're my starting point.
— Jane to Weller


Season 1

Jeller first met.

Jane and Weller’s first encounter took place at the interrogation room when, after being submitted to a series of tests, Jane orders to speak to someone in charge of her case. Weller later walks into the room to ask Jane if she’s able to remember him from somewhere, when she denies any memory and possible connection to him, he shows her the tattoo of his name on her back. Trying to recognize him, Jane placed her right hand on Weller’s cheek with no success; she was then taken to her safehouse by Weller himself. At the end of the day and after preventing an explosion, Weller drove Jane home to make sure she’d be okay after the day’s events, when they hugged, he found a familiar scar on Jane’s back. 

Worried about Jane’s safety and putting his judgement under scrutiny from the members of his team, Weller struggled with Jane’s desire of being allowed on the field, however, he finally agreed to let her be part of the team. 

Due to their closeness and mutual trust, Weller managed to help Jane retrieve her first memories, being him the only person she could talk about the events in her brief flashbacks. 

Once it was proven that Jane’s real identity as Taylor Shaw, Weller helped by providing useful information and brief insights on her life as a child and their friendship while growing up as next door neighbors. While talking about the night Taylor was kidnapped, Jane was able to remember being led by a man down some stairs. In an occasion when then team was following a compound raid from the lab, Jane was assaulted by the memory of a basement full of malnourished children which triggered a panic attack; she was able to manage her anxiety with Weller’s help once he pressed her hands to his chest next to his heart. 


To commemorate Taylor Shaw's birthday and wishing her a happy birthday, Weller gave Jane a necklace once bought by Emma Shaw after the birth of her daughter. Emma bought the necklace because the stone resembled Taylor's eyes. (1x16)


Jeller wedding photo.

Jane and Kurt’s ship nickname is Jeller.

Jeller are the main couple of the show blindspot.

Jane’s birth name is Alicia Kurger then she went by her adopted name Remi Briggs but due to her memories being stripped she now goes by Jane doe then took her married name Jane Weller when she married Kurt.

Jane has a tattoo on her back of her husband Kurt Weller name.

Jeller Is close friends and allies with Patterson, Natasha Zapata, Edgar Reade.

Jeller are parents to daughters:

  • Jane’s daughter Avery Drabkin born in July of 1999, during a flashback scene of third season.
  • Kurt’s daughter Bethany Weller born in summer of 2017, off-screen of second season.

Jeller gotten married on the third season of blindspot.

Jeller lost parents:

  • Jane’s biological parents in a accident and adopted mother “shepherd“Ellen Briggs was shot in season four of blindspot.
  • Kurt’s father Bill Weller died of lung cancer in season one of blindspot.

Jeller both were told lies about there past :

  • Jane’s was stripped of her memories to hide her past about being in the military and her real identity and adoption and given birth to her daughter as a teen mother forced to give up her baby girl.
  • Kurt’s father Bill kept the truth about Taylor Shaw being taken and murder by him but also his mother abandoned him because of bad people in her life.

Jane is presumed dead in season five finale it unknown what happened to her in the series finale.

Kurt could be a widow is unknown either.


"You can trust me, Jane. I’ve been looking for you my whole life."

Weller to Jane - Eight Slim Grins

"If your coming back has taught me one thing, it’s to never give up hope."

Weller to Jane - Split the Law
"When things happen to me, in my life, you're the first person I think about. You've always been."
Weller to Jane - Why Await Life's End
"All of this, led me to you."
Weller to Jane - Regard a Mere Mad Rager