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This page is comprised of Jane Doe's relationships with other characters on Blindspot.


Kurt Weller


Avery Drabkin

Jane is Avery's biological mother.Shepard had her removed from her life due to Avery being a liable.

Love interests 


Oscar was assigned as Jane's handler after Remi wiped her memory in order to infiltrate the FBI. Even though Remi ended their engagement to accomplish her plan, he never stopped loving her, which brought him to show Jane his true feelings for her. He also took advantage of the situation to make Jane perform the tasks he assigned her and also to try to turn her against the FBI.

Oliver Kind

Jane and Oliver met when a tattoo led the team to a fundraising gala at the Aebly Museum of Art. She approached to ask him about Lake Aurora after hearing Roman mention it to her as part of Shepherd's past. Oliver showed interest in Jane and gave her his card. Weeks later Patterson caught Jane texting Oliver who asked her out several times without her noticing about it. On their first date, Oliver took Jane to try his favorite fast food in New York, where he attempted to get to know her a little better, but after she was unable to tell him the truth about her, her work and tattoos, she left the place. They met again at an amusement park where Jane apologized for their last date and she actually enjoyed herself and Oliver's company.


Natasha Zapata



Edgar Reade

Nas Kamal

Rich Dotcom


Thomas Carter

Jonas Fischer