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When encountered with something or someone familiar, Jane's lost memories come back as black and white flashbacks that show some fragments of her past life as Remi and, at certain occasions, as Alice Kruger to explore different aspects of her former life before her memory was wiped.

The following is a chronological list of Jane's memories as they appear on the show.

Season 1

Ep. Image Episode Title Description
1x01 memories (1).png
1x01 memories (2).png
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1x01 memories (4).png
Woe Has Joined
Weller is taken hostage by a suspect and Jane finds herself in a tricky situation when Weller asks her to shoot the man in order to break free. When Jane shoots the man in the arm, the sound of the gun helps her retrieve her first memory where she's seen as Remi with long hair and running a shooting course in the woods with a bearded man. In the memory, she's shooting at some improvised targets hanging from the trees; when her gun runs out of bullets, the man informs her that she missed two targets.
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1x02 memory (3).png
1x02 memory (2).png
A Stray Howl
Weller takes Jane to the FBI shooting range in order to help her retrieve memories or certain aspects from her past. While shooting a gun with a silencer, Jane remembers being in a church waiting on the benches for a nun who approaches to the altar and gets shot by a younger version of Jane aka Remi.
1x02 memory pt2 (3).png
1x02 memory pt2 (1).png
1x02 memory pt2 (2).png
After being involved in a car accident, Jane is taken back to the memories in the church where she's looking for something hidden into the fake nun's clothes. She manages to retrieve a USB flash drive.
1x03 memory (3).png
1x03 memory (4).png
Eight Slim Grins
After breaking into her apartment, Marcos explains to Jane that they were trained to avoid detection; in that moment she retrieves the memory of her time as Remi while she bandaged Marcos's arm.
1x04 memory (2).png
1x04 memory (3).png
1x04 memory (4).png
Bone May Rot
Jane asks Weller to tell her about the night she (Taylor Shaw) went missing. Weller's story brings back the memory of her as a little girl being taken from her room by a man and led down the stairs.
1x05 memory (3).png
1x05 memory (4).png
1x05 memory (1).png
Split the Law
On their way to the Municipal Workers Association basement, Jane briefly remembers being taken by a man down some stairs. According from the man's hand, it indicates that the scene from the memory belongs to the same night she was taken from her room.
1x09 (2).png
1x09 (3).png
1x09 (1).png
Authentic Flirt
Jane and Weller must go undercover pretending to be a couple of assassins, in the elevator, Weller gives Jane an engagement ring which helped her some memories of her as Remi kissing and sleeping with Oscar where she's seen holding her engagement ring.
1x09 memory pt2 (3).png
1x09 memory pt2 (6).png
1x09 memory pt2 (7).png
Once the undercover mission is over, Jane gives the ring back to Weller, she remembers approaching Oscar while he draw the bird tattoo and gives him her engagement ring.
1x10 memory (2).png
1x10 memory (3).png
Evil Handmade Instrument
Jane is abducted by Thomas Carter and tortured. Submitted to the waterboarding torture, Jane is able to remember a brief moment at CIA's headquarters where Carter is talking about a program called Orion. Remi is seen wearing a military uniform.
1x09 memory pt2 (5).png
1x09 memory pt2 (6).png
Oscar kills Thomas Carter and as soon as Jane sees his face, she thinks about the memories from the time, as Remi, she ended their engagement.
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1x12 memories (3).png
1x12 memories (4).png
Scientists Hollow Fortune
In search for the victim of a case, the team approaches a church, a bell rings and the memory of a night military training comes back to Jane's mind. She sees Remi struggling to climb a rope while her superior orders her to quit, she then falls and rings a bell.
1x12 memories pt2 (1).png
1x12 memories pt2 (2).png
1x12 memories pt2 (3).png
1x12 memories pt2 (4).png
The railing of an ambulance's sirens take Jane back to a night in a car, probably after Remi quit the military training, where she expresses that it wasn't easy for her to ring the bell. Her superior is shown and he welcomes her to Orion.
1x15 memory (1).png
1x15 memory (2).png
1x15 memory (3).png
1x15 memory (4).png
Older Cutthroat Canyon
Trying to escape from Cade, Oscar takes Jane to a car repair run by Danny; seeing his face, Jane remembers him from a night with Oscar, Marcos and Cade enjoying some time together next to a bonfire.
1x16 memory (1).png
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1x16 memory (3).png
1x16 memory (4).png
Any Wounded Thief
On their way back to the FBI, the sound of Weller's footsteps in the snow helped Jane remember a morning where she was walking through the snow toward Taylor Shaw's memorial. In the memory, she's standing at a distance from the small crowd and Taylor's mother, surveilling Weller.
1x16 memory pt2 (1).png
1x16 memory pt2 (2).png
1x16 memory pt2 (3).png
1x16 memory pt2 (4).png
The trees around the place of the suspect's hiding reminded Jane of the trees from the place where Taylor's memorial was held. She remembered surveilling Weller and his behavior toward his dad who was also present at the memorial. As soon as Emma noticed Bill's presence, she approached Weller rather uncomfortable and displeased.
1x16 pt3 (1).png
1x16 pt3 (2).png
1x16 pt3 (3).png
1x16 pt3 (4).png
On their way to chase two missing suspects, the sound of the car door closing brought the memory of Oscar closing his car door and walking toward Taylor's memorial next to Remi to observe Weller interact with Emma Shaw.
1x22 memory (1).png
1x22 memory (2).png
1x22 memory (3).png
1x22 memory (4).png
If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render
Jane confronts Oscar after she realized that she helped him on his plan of framing Mayfair of murder. In the middle of their discussion, Sofia Varma approaches trying to convince Jane that their actions were for good by repeating Remi's words to her. In the memory, Remi is at Sofia's house trying to convince her to not commit suicide by joining her cause.
1x23 memory pt1 (1).png
1x23 memory pt1 (2).png
1x23 memory pt1 (3).png
1x23 memory pt1 (4).png
Why Await Life's End
Jane arrives to Oscar's location and she remembers one of their trainings, probably a few days before the memory wipe, where she mentions that it won't be easy to gain her trust back once they meet again.
1x23 pt2 (1).png
1x23 pt2 (2).png
1x23 pt2 (3).png
1x23 pt2 (4).png
Jane wakes up after being knocked out by Oscar, when she sees him she remembers when they said their goodbyes before she started her process for phase 1. In their conversation, Remi reassures Oscar that they'll find each other again after the plan is over and she also mentions Shepherd for the first time.

Season 2

Ep. Image Episode Title Description
2x01 memory (2).png
2x01 memory (3).png
2x01 memory (4).png
2x01 memory (1).png
In Night So Ransomed Rogue
Under CIA custody, Jane is repeatedly tortured, before she was about to get water boarded, she remembered the time Roman trained her to endure all kinds of torture; in the memory she's electrocuted.
202 memory (1).png
202 memory (2).png
202 memory (3).png
202 memory (4).png
Heave Fiery Knot
Roman and Shepherd took Jane to Orion's memorial in order for her to remember the time she was betrayed by her country when the CIA ordered a hit on her platoon while they were in Afghanistan in 2013, as a way to re-indoctrinate her.


2x05 memory (1).png
2x05 memory (2).png
2x05 memory (3).png
2x05 memory (4).png
Jane is trimming her hair in her room at Sandstorm's headquarters when she sees Shepherd's silhouette in the mirror's reflection; at that moment Jane is able to remember a doctor who treated her in a house after the Orion attack in Afghanistan; while the woman was checking on her IV, Jane noticed a peculiar ring.
2x06 memory pt3 (2).png
2x06 memory pt3 (3).png
2x06 memory pt3 (4).png
2x06 memory pt3 (1).png
Her Spy's Harmed
Jane realizes that Roman unconsciously plays with her fingers as if caressing something missing; she remembers a day in the orphanage as kids where Alice tells Ian to hide his coin and protect it from other kids.
2x06 memory pt1 (2).png
2x06 memory pt1 (3).png
2x06 memory pt1 (4).png
2x06 memory pt1 (1).png
When Roman is danger in a corridor full of guards, Jane recalls the time at the orphanage when a group of kids held her while a boy beat Roman and cut his face with a razor blade. At the time of the aggression, his coin was stolen.
2x06 memory pt2 (3).png
2x06 memory pt2 (4).png
2x06 memory pt2 (1).png
2x06 memory pt2 (2).png
Roman hands Jane their puzzle box and she successfully manages to open it; inside lied a gum wrapper, a gift given to Ian from Alice after he lost the coin in the fight with the boy who cut his face.
2x16 memory (2).png
2x16 memory (3).png
2x16 memory (1).png
2x16 memory (4).png
Evil Did I Dwell Lewd I Did Live
When Cade mentions that Shepherd only cares about herself, Jane remembers a night in which Cade wanted to know the total of civilian casualties after one of Sandstorm's attacks, however, Roman doesn't give much away and just mentions Phase Two, only to be interrupted by Remi in order to stop him from sharing too much information. When Cade leaves, Remi confronts Roman and orders him to be smart about classified Intel.
2x16 memory pt2 (1).png
2x16 memory pt2 (2).png
2x16 memory pt2 (3).png
2x16 memory pt2 (4).png
Trying to help Roman retrieve a memory about Phase Two, Cade is taken to Zero Division. When he mentions that Jane finally managed to keep her brother in a cage, she remembers a night in which Remi let Roman load their truck; she stops on her way to the armory after hearing Cade's voice who suggested Roman to break free from his sister's orders. Remi comes back just in time to stop her brother from hurting Cade and reminds him that only the two of them and Shepherd needed to stay together, making no room for anyone else.

Season 3

Ep. Image Episode Title Description
305 memory.png
This Profound Legacy
Jane answers a call from an unknown number just to hear Roman at the other side of the line. He comments on Patterson's work on Jane's old birth records and lets her know that she used to rock her baby to sleep by singing a lullaby, which he starts humming. The melody of the song makes Jane remember her baby girl fast asleep in her arms at the hospital.
305 memory 2.png
When Jane asked why she gave her daughter in adoption, Roman mentions that it was Shepherd who decided to take her baby away against Remi's will; this confession makes Jane remember herself waking up to an empty hospital crib.
Balance of Might
310 memory (1).png
310 memory (2).png
310 memory (3).png
310 memory (4).png
Ten months before she went back to NYC, in Paris, Jane went to save a man from kidnapping. When she got where the man was held hostage, she met a man who got there before her to collect the money. He admitted that he was currently working with his partner and that they wouldn't share the money with Jane after the job was done. Dwire appears while they argue and shoots them with some sedatives that knocks them unconscious as he leaves the place.
310 memory 2 (1).png
310 memory 2 (2).png
310 memory 2 (3).png
Jane and the mysterious man wake up from the sedative, finding themselves cuffed by their wrists. They struggle to get on their feet and they manage to break free from the cable ties. The man introduces himself as Clem and asks Jane for her name while he flirts with her.

Jane is ready to leave the place when Clem asks for her name and mentions that she has been flirting with him as well but in a subtle way. After shaking hands, Jane leaves the place.

310 memory 3 (1).png
310 memory 3 (2).png
310 memory 3 (3).png
310 memory 3 (4).png
Clem and Jane are at his hotel room and she points out at the huge amount of money on Clem's bed.
310 memory 4 (1).png
310 memory 4 (2).png
310 memory 4 (3).png
310 memory 4 (4).png
321 memory (4).png
321 memory (1).png
321 memory (2).png
321 memory (3).png
322 memory (3).png
322 memory (4).png
322 memory (1).png
322 memory (2).png
In Memory