If Beth” is the fourth (4th) episode of the second season and the 27th overall episode of “Blindspot”.

Short Summary

Nas and Weller navigate their new dynamic as co-leaders during the team’s hunt for a museum gala assassin, who turns out to be harboring a dark secret; Jane starts to see a softer side of her old organization.



Guest Starring


Location: Right hand. Meaning: Dark Web hacker’s real identity hidden in the patterns as numbers.
Patterson discovered that the tattoo was made of two subtly different shades of ink; after running the path of the differently-colored lines, she managed to obtain, from one of the lines, a Homeland Security employee ID that pointed to analyst Bo Kaier, while the second line translated to Shadowcat, Kaier’s nickname used for his work as a hacker in the Dark Web. After raiding his home, Jane and Zapata managed to retrieve his hard drives where he stored modified commercial video games to simulate some of the most secured buildings in the country and sell them online. The last mod sold was from the Aebly Museum of Art where the team attended to undercover.


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