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Ian Kruger is the real name and identity of Roman.

Early Life

Roman, his sister Alice Kruger and his parents lived in Pretoria. Both of his parents were anti-Apartheid activists and when they were killed, Ian and Alice were taken to a secret academy to be trained and become deadly soldiers.

During his time into the academy, he received a cut on his face by a boy with a razor blade.

He then went onto having his first kill when being approached by the boy who gave him his scar. He took a sharp piece of wood off of the wall and he then stabbed the boy in his stomach while being watched by a guard.

Life inside the academy

Alice and Ian managed to hide a 1 Rand coin which it became their only possession from their old lives. The coin was used by the two children as present in birthdays and important dates. They usually kept it with themselves but when not, it was hidden away inside of a chewing gum wrap.


When the academy was shut down, the children were freed; Ian and Alice were found by Shepherd who decided to adopt them after realizing they were too dangerous to be put among people who couldn't control their behavior.

Once they were free once again, Ian and his sister decided to get new names: Roman and Remi.