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Edgar Reade is the current Assistant Director of the FBI's NYO.

Sooner or later, we all face what we’ve done.
— 1.07 Sent on Tour


Early life

As a child Reade was a camper at Mulmur Hills Football Camp where he befriend Coach Jones who later turned out to be rapist. Later he attended the University of Michigan. Where he still holds a receiving record in football.

It was implied that Reade might have been the first agent working alongside Weller and Patterson as part of the CIRG division led by Bethany Mayfair.

Season 1

Jane Doe Case

While on an ongoing investigation in Rural Kentucky, Weller was called back to NY for an urgent matter regarding a critical incident with a newly found amnesiac woman left in Times Square with his name tattooed on her back. Reade and Zapata were ordered to cross reference every similar MO with all the convicted suspects arrested by Kurt. On their first tattoo related case, he helped Weller to prevent the death of dozens of civilians inside of a subway car.

Reade reacted skeptically around Jane, often openly admitting to Zapata how mysterious the circumstances around her case were, suspecting that Jane could have been part of some conspiracy. They got off on the wrong start, seeing her as a liability, mostly due to Weller's lack of objectivity around Jane.

Eventually, Reade accepted Jane as part of the team after she demonstrated loyalty to the group and commitment to the cases. However, an on going investigation led by Jonas Fischer where he accused Jane of being a Russian spy and Thomas Carter's murderer, made Reade and Mayfair grow increasingly suspicious of Jane's alibi the night Carter's disappearance.


Sarah Weller

They start dating at the beginning of Season 1 without telling Kurt Weller about their secret relationship. Sarah and Reade were a happy couple until he's forced to end the relationship after a man threatened about killing Sarah and Swayer.

Tasha Zapata

Reade and Tasha are shown as friendly co-workers and they often show a playful personality, demonstrating their closeness and old friendship. As the show progresses, the two of them start to rely on each other to talk about important issues regarding Jane Doe.

Megan Butani

Edgar and Megan were engaged.



  • His chinese zodiac sign is the rat.
  • He speaks Urdu.


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