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Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord is the eleventh episode of the second season and the 34th overall episode of Blindspot.

Short Summary

After one of the world's most-wanted terrorists surfaces in New York for unknown reasons, the team must partner with the CIA to stop a deadly bombing.


Location: Right forearm. Meaning: Anton Stepulov's way to get into the U.S.
When the tattoos were merged together, they showed a serial code: MDQU3658847, which was a ship container ID at Red Hook Terminal. In that container Anton Stepulov, Dabbur Zann's number two, and his son arrived to New York in order to perform a heart surgery to the boy promised by Jake Keaton.



Guest Starring

  • Chad Donella as Jake Keaton
  • Mark Ivanir as Anton Stepulov
  • Bridget McGarry as Erin Keaton
  • Li Jun Li as Dr. Karen Sun

Featured Music

Song Artist
Let's Talk Death In The Afternoon