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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government, tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence.

On NBC's Blindspot, the CIA is run by fictional characters.

On the Show

As seen in one of Jane's Flashbacks, Remi apparently worked for the CIA or managed to infiltrate the organization in order to join or purposely being assigned to Orion.

CIA insignia as seen in Jane's memories.

Thomas Carter

Thomas Carter at CIA headquarters talking about Orion.

Was the Deputy Director of the CIA who kidnapped and tortured Jane in order to make her speak about her real reasons behind her sudden and mysterious involvement with the FBI.


Was a group for illegal operations created by the CIA. It was shut down by Thomas Carter in order to erase any trace of it and its previous operations.

Black Sites

On the show it's stated that the CIA has several black sites around the country and arround the world to apply all type of torture to the people they have under custody. One of them was found in the basement of a bank when Dodi Khalil was taken by the CIA.

After Oscar killed Bethany Mayfair in front of Jane, and Kurt Weller found the remains of Taylor Shaw, Jane went back to her safe house, finding Weller already there, ready to take a confession out of Jane about how she conspired against the FBI and lied of her true identity. He takes her under arrest but before the FBI could process her, she was taken away by the CIA and put into a cell to be tortured for three months.

Known Members

Character Image Name and Status Description Episodes

Jake Keaton


Deputy Director First seen

In Night So Ransomed Rogue

Last seen

Lepers Repel

Keaton was transferred to Oregon when the CIA managed to capture Jane Doe. He was in charge of her interrogation and torture.

He also encounters Kurt Weller and Nas Kamal after following them to Sophia, Bulgaria, in pursuit of Douglas Winter.


Thomas Carter


Former Deputy Director First seen

Bone May Rot

Last seen

Evil Handmade Instrument

Carter made his appaearance once he got word that a Jane Doe covered in tattoos was assisting the FBI in her own case investigation. Concerned that her tattoos could connect him to Project Daylight , he constantly teased Jane and Mayfair

He managed to kidnap Jane and torture her to obtain information on her true intentions inside of the FBI.

Zapata cia portrait.png

Natasha Zapata


CIA Agent CIA connection

CIA and FBI task force.

Known Prisoners

Character Image Name and Status Description Comments
Taken and tortured, held at the CIA's black site at the Municipal Workers Association's basement.

Jane Doe


Held at the CIA's black site in Oregon. CIA connection

In Night So Ransomed Rogue

When Jane is taken under arrest by Kurt Weller the CIA, somehow, managed to get to her and held her at their Oregon black site without charge or trial; there she was tortured and questioned by Jake Keaton.
Hirst cia portrait.png

Eleanor Hirst


Cade cia portrait.png



Held at some CIA's black site. Connections to Sandstorm
Due to his former connection with Sandstorm, Cade was taken by the CIA to extract information about the former terrorist group. He has been kept apart from his husband and son ever since he was arrested and taken to a black site around 2016.

Tattoo Connections

Tattoo img Name Description
Ride of the Valkyries tattoo.png
Ride of the Valkyries
Firefly tattoo.png
Dragonfly Tattoo Project Dragonfly