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Blake Crawford was the only daughter of Hank Crawford and heiress of the Crawford empire. 

While hosting her charity fundraising event, she met Roman who, under a fake ID, introduced himself to Blake as Thomas Jakeman


Early Life

Blake was born to Hank and Mrs. Crawford, a powerful and wealthy family due to Hank's ambitious demeanor in his business.

In her childhood, Blake associated mainly with the Drabkin family meeting and befriending Avery Drabkin, daughter of one of his father's VP of Operations. They used to be close and spent a lot of time together while on vacations; however, both girls lost contact after Avery's father committed suicide.

Physical Description

In her younger years, Blake was described as a girl with braces and a cast on her arm who wore her hair in pigtails.

As an adult, Blake is a tall and slim woman with blonde curly hair and brown eyes. She dresses mostly in stylish-formal clothes that reflect her occupation as a business woman.