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Authentic Flirt is the ninth episode of the first season and the ninth overall episode of Blindspot.

Short Summary

Jane and Weller go undercover as a world-class assassin couple to prevent deadly information from getting into the wrong hands. The intimate assignment draws them closer than ever. Meanwhile, David embarks on a solo mission to win Patterson back, and Tom Carter clashes with Mayfair over how to handle a dangerous individual.



Guest Starring

Mayor Events

Featured Music

  • Wiener Gemüts-Walzer - Op. 116 by Wiener Salon Ensemble, Elisabeth Haringer & Ilaria Pedrotti - (Jane and Weller dance while waiting for the seller)
  • Where Is My Mind by Mindy Jones - (Jane removes her makeup; Saul is escorted to meet Bethany when he's shanked; Jane's housewarming party; Tasha rips up the listener; David is attacked; Tom gets a call; the gang arrive at the hospital)



  • The episode's title is an anagram of the phrase "Lift the Curtain".
  • This is the first appearance of Rich Dotcom who will become a more central character later in the series.
  • When Reade and Zapata show up i the chopper the Closed Captioning on Netflix mistakenly Identifies Reade as Meade,