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Ana Montes is a computer hacker who created Trakzer.

Early Life

Ana's parents died, leaving her and her older brother alone. Her brother raised her and worked hard to give her a good life.

After her parents died, Ana had trouble sleeping and her brother draw an owl so it could protect her at night.

When her brother was killed, she was left alone, so she managed to use her skills to earn money and survive by her own.

Involvement with the FBI

She created Trakzer, a software that hacked GPS signals and could track government vehicles and map their exact location.

She believed she was contacted by Lonard Gail, from the NSA but was played. Trying to mend her mistake, she cooperated with the FBI by shutting down the software.

Involvement with Jane Doe

Jane showed up in Ana's apartment to ask for help to track Hobbes' cell and to follow a shipment under the coded name Donato in order to find Oscar after he killed Bethany Mayfair.

Years later, Ana appeared as one of Jane's ZIP-induced hallucinations in Times Square. She was taking a selfie with Sophia Varma and Saúl Guerrero before noticing Jane and turning to the direction of Ivy Sands' final ZIP bomb.