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Allison Knight is a former FBI agent and now a U.S. Marshal. She's currently living in Colorado and is the mother of Bethany Weller.


Allison Knight was an FBI Agent before joining the Marshals. She dated Kurt Weller at that time.


Kurt Weller

They both met at the FBI, where they started dating for a year or so but had to end all bonds when they both realized that they had some personal incompatibilities. After Allie assisted in an FBI case as US Marshal, she and Kurt started to see each other again for a short period of time before breaking up. Allie decided to end the relationship due to Kurt's feelings towards Jane.

Allison fell pregnant with Kurt's baby, Bethany Weller, after spending some time together three months before the events of the Season 2 premiere.


Conor is Allison's high-school sweetheart and current boyfriend. He is also the stepfather of her daughter, Bethany.