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Alice Kruger is Jane Doe's real identity. She was declared killed in action at the age of 27 in Afghanistan, 2013.

Early Life

Alice Kruger was born in Pretoria, South Africa where she lived with her parents and younger brother, Ian Kruger.

At a young age, Alice witnessed her parents' deaths at the hands of an unknown group, members of Apartheid. Alice and her brother, Ian, were kidnapped and taken to an orphanage illegally used as a secret academy that trained child soldiers.

During her time into the academy, Alice excelled from all of the other kids, including her brother. However, an oversight led Alice to be held by a group of girls while a boy cut Ian's face with a razor blade. This incident showed Alice's affection and protective behavior towards her brother.

Life as Remi

When the academy was shut down, all the kids were freed and put into foster care, however Alice and Ian were too skilled and dangerous, so they were adopted by a military veteran, Shepherd, and the three of them decided to change their names into Roman and Remi.


Alice is shown as a strong and caring girl, but it was also stated by Roman that she was the first to pass a test in which every kid from the academy had to kill the rabbit each of them received.


According to a death certificate seen in one of Roman's memories, Alice was 27 years old when she died; her official cause of death was Killed in Action. At the beginning of the episode Solos, Nas mentioned that, a few years back, Shepherd took Roman to the Bahamas where he was seen visiting a bank to take the money from a trust fund belonging to Alice Kruger.

Considering that Jane was 30 years old when she was found in Times Square it is possible that she enlisted to the Navy SEALs as Alice and was sent to Afghanistan in 2013 as part of Orion where she pressumably died at the age of 27. Aware of the attack and pressumably thinking his sister was dead, Roman took the money from her bank account.

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